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Hypertrophy M.A.X closing it’s doors on the first of January 2014

How would you like to receive access to the video footage from a 5-Day Hypertrophy MAX Muscle Camp, where attendees paid $2,400 a ticket to attend?   Obviously, this is NOT for you, if you’re not 100% committed to crushing your goals in 2014.  You are committed?  That’s great!  Keep reading… Here’s the deal…. Ben […]

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Hypertrophymax gets ready for its Third Official Launch

You probably know by now that  Hypertrophymax only opens its doors once every six months and usually the doors shut within a period of four days. A lot of people that left it too late around 6 months ago experienced the closed doors page, realising with a shock that there is no scare monger tactics […]

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Australian 5-Day HMAX Muscle Camp [$2,400 Bonus for Members Only]

THis is your last chance to join Hypertrophy Max in 2013. Read below to see the email I received from Ben and Vince earlier today…. Note: Whether you’re a HMAX member or not, read each and every word of this email to receive an insane $2,400 bonus – but ONLY if you’re totally committed to your goals in 2013! If you’re not, […]

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Hypertrophy Max – Second Launch creates great excitement

HYPERTROPHY MAX – SECOND LAUNCH CREATING A BUZZ There are great excitement with the second launch of Hypertrophy Max that will take place from the 18th of December 2012 up until the 21st of December 2012.  The second launch is even greater than the first and during this period of time you can be assured […]

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Hypertrophy Max closes down until January 2013

[warning] Hypertrophy Max is closing and will only re-open it’s doors in January 2013. Fast action is required! [/warning]You might be surprised to hear that Hypertrophy Max is still live and people are still subscribing for it. Tonight (1st of July 2012) however will be the absolute last opportunity to make use of this great […]

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Hypertrophy Max discount and Free Live Large TV Membership

In the previous article (Read the article here) I mentioned that Vince Delmonte and Ben Pakulski has made available the unheard of  ‘Science and Secrets of  Twice a Day Training’, by Charles Poliquin. They made this muscle building gold available at a whopping 80% discount, when obtaining Hypertrophy Max. Now they have sweetened the pot […]

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Science And Secrets Of Twice A Day Training

[info] Ben Pakulski and Vince Delmonte – the authors of Hypertrophy Max [/info] Yet again Ben Pakulski and Vince Delmonte is sweetening the pot with a new bonus that was just revealed to the public a moment ago. This new fast action bonus when obtaining Hypertrophy Max before 29 June 2012 is called ‘Science andSecrets […]

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Here at, we vow to bring you the latest news on Hypertrophy Max and will let you have the information about the program, bonuses, competitions, hypertrophy courses and much more, before anyone else does. As you might well know by now, Hypertrophy Max will be launched on the 26th of June 2012 and there […]

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Hypertrophy Max Content Revealed

Here’s EVERYTHING Included In The Hypertrophy M.A.X. Welcome Package We’re SHIPPING To Your Front Door On Tuesday June 26th (Plus details on a chance to win a 12 month membership for FREE)   Tomorrow, on my blog, we’re going to be running a little contest (not the one where you have to tell us WHY you want to join) but a REALLY […]

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