Hypertrophy Max closes down until January 2013

[warning] Hypertrophy Max is closing and will only re-open it’s doors in January 2013. Fast action is required! [/warning]You might be surprised to hear that Hypertrophy Max is still live and people are still subscribing for it. Tonight (1st of July 2012) however will be the absolute last opportunity to make use of this great opportunity if you have not done so already and feel the need to do so. The doors will close tonight and will only re-open January 2013. You can obtain Hypertrophy Max Here.Just a quick reminder of all the bonuses that you will receive with your Hypertrophy Max subscription:

1) Live Large TV Free Membership for one full year ($154) value. You can view Live Large TV here to get an idea what you will be getting with this membership.

2) This fast action bonus is no other then Ben Pakulski’s latest 3-hour seminar that was given to a “sold-out” crowd a few weeks ago in Toronto. This three hour workshop on  muscular hypertrophy and  Fat loss is absolute muscle building gold!

3) Get Science and Secrets of Twice A Day Training from Charles Poliquin, one of the world’s most recognised strength coaches. Ben Pakulski implements this right now in his preparation for the Mr Olympia 2012 body building competition.

4) The Hypertrophy M.A.X. Preparation Guide!

A lot of eager members have asked, “What do I do while I wait for my 

hardcopy program to arrive in the mail?” 

>> The Hypertrophy M.A.X. Primer Phase (note: this is the MI40 Primer

Phase and if you’ve done it before, we want you to do it AGAIN!)

> > Ben Pakulski’s Exercise Execution Videos from MI40.

($1050 Value)

>> A brief guide on how to determine your starting calories & macros.

5) 90 minute “Anything Goes” Elite Coaching Call with Ben Pakulski and Vince Delmonte
    Get access to Hypertrophy Max here

Bonus 1 – Live Large TV Membership


Bonus 2 – 3 Hour Workshop with Ben Pakulski on Hypertrophy


Bonus 3 – Science and Secrets of Twice a Day Training


Bonus 4 – Hypertrophy Max Preparation Guide ($1050) value


Bonus 5 – 90 minute “Anything Goes” Elite Coaching Call


[button variation=”fire” link=”http://www.howtobuildmusclerapidly.com/recommends/hypertrophymax” size=”small” rating=”five”] Last chance to get Hypertrophy Max [/button]

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