Hypertrophy M.A.X closing it’s doors on the first of January 2014

How would you like to receive access to the video footage from a 5-Day Hypertrophy MAX Muscle Camp, where attendees paid $2,400 a ticket to attend?   Obviously, this is NOT for you, if you’re not 100% committed to crushing your goals in 2014. 

You are committed?  That’s great!  Keep reading…

Here’s the deal….

Ben and Vince had a goal of enrolling 1,000 new members into Hypertrophy MAX this December and they’re currently at 845, which is 155 members shy of their goal so they decided to leave the doors open to new members for another 48 hours…

Imagine what it would be like to have Vince and Ben as YOUR coaches for an entire year? 

Imagine how ripped, muscular and confident you’ll be!  You’ll be “The Man” at your gym.  The guy every girl wants to touch. And the guy men envy.  You’ll get noticed wherever you go.  You’ll step out of the shower and smile with pride.  You’ll have confidence with how you eat and train and hold the knowledge to transforming your body at will.

Isn’t it time we make your dream body a dream no longer?

Well, consider this your 2nd chance to a VERY last chance:

==> Last chance for a “2nd chance” <—- closing Monday at midnight

Now, here’s where it gets crazy…

On top of everything you’re already getting when you join, they’ve decided to REVEAL the BIGGEST surprise bonus that was hidden on their members download page but they’re going to spoil the surprise and reveal one last thing non-members are going to miss out for not joining today:

Get on the edge of your seat…


Okay, so they’re currently assembling all of the video footage from one of Ben Pakulski’s sold-out 5-Day Hypertrophy MAX Muscle Camps in Australia last year. This is NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage that each attendee paid $2,400!

Yes, you read that correctly: $2,400 for Ben’s newest muscle building, fat loss, supplement and contest prep secrets spilled over multiple seminars and workouts each day. The workouts are crazy, the videos are long and the content is really in-depth.


Not only will this information IMPACT YOUR GAINS IMMEDIATELY and change the way you eat and train forever, but it’ll inspire you to work your hardest and be your best in 2014.  This is NOT information you can find for free floating online or else attendees would not have dropped $2,400!!!  Right?

Isn’t This A Disservice To Those That Paid $2,400?

To a degree, YES, which is why they’re ONLY doing this once.

Also, Ben and Vince plan on doing Hypertrophy MAX Camps all around the world (their first one is in Tampa in just a few weeks actually) and they want to give you a taste of what to expect, because these camps are not chump change.

The 5-Day Hypertrophy MAX Muscle Camp footage was supposed to be a bonus surprise but they couldn’t contain themselves and KNEW this would be exactly what you needed to spring off the fence and come on board.  You got this:

==> Last chance for a “2nd chance” <—- Closing Monday at midnight

Now, I’ll be brutally honest, if you’re STILL contemplating joining after they just announced they’re GIVING YOU access to a $2,400 private camp on top of everything else you get with HMAX, no offense but this is clearly NOT for you.

But if you’ve been around the block for the past 10-years, you know that what they’re offering is unheard of and this is an offer of a life-time for any male or female, young or old but totally committed to remodeling their physique in the New Year.

Is that you?

==> Last chance for a “2nd chance” <—- Closing Monday at midnight

On February 15th, this footage will be uploaded to the private members page for only active members to download. This will be another intensive way to advance your learning and stack the deck in your favor towards the $6,000 Transformation Contest.  Stick with Vince and Ben for the next 12-months and you’ll be a hypertrophy expert and have a body that commands respect when you walk in a room!

To being totally committed in 2014,


P.S.  In the future this Australian Muscle Camp footage will only be available to buy for $297.00 but it’s yours FREE when you come on board before they CLOSE THE DOORS this Monday night at midnight.  This is your second chance at a last chance:

==> Last chance for a “2nd chance” <—- This is FIRM.

P.S From me personally: Just to make this a no-brainer I will include a Hypertrophy M.A.X T-Shirt when you pick this up today or tomorrow with your order. This is an additional incentive when paying for the program in full. Simply inbox my Facebook Fan Page with your receipt and I will make sure your Hypertrophy M.A.X T-shirt is shipped to your front door.


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