Hypertrophy M.A.X 5th Official Launch on its way – July 2014


Hypertrophy MAX Review Website HypertrophyMAXInfo.com Launches Promotional Offers Ahead of Program Release

HypertrophyMAXInfo.com, a Hypertrophy MAX review website highlighting the phenomenally successful fitness program, announces a special discount bonus of a 100 dollars paid directly to the Paypal account of whomever choose to purchase Hypertrophy M.A.X via this link and pay in full when Hypertrophy M.A.X launches for the fifth time on the 22nd of July 2014. This offer is just available to the first fifteen customers buying Hypertrophy M.A.X via this link, so hurry. Alternatively residents from the USA will have an additional choice to opt for 5 bottles of Ultra Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, worth $150, instead, should they choose to do so.  The 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract is sponsored by Eden’s Nature. As Hypertrophy MAX prepares to open its doors on July the 22nd 2014 for a limited time, the site gears up with this special promotional offer to help promote the hugely successful and popular fitness program created by Pro IFBB body builder, Ben Pakulski.

Compiled by pros, recommended by experts, and one of the most sought after fitness regimes in the world, Hypertrophy MAX is a 12-month program intended to take any fitness program to the next level by providing extreme results. The customized program consists of 12 unique phases, one for each month, which are delivered directly to each subscriber’s doorstep. Each phase includes a magazine and DVD that highlights a specific focus for that month, as well as information on nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, and much, much more. Additionally, subscribers also receive a year’s full of Hypertrophy MAX bonuses, which often includes a personal coaching call with author, Ben Pakulski.

Hypertrophy MAX is only available every six months for a very limited time, and then the doors shut again until its next availability. The program opens up for just one week from July 22-25.

The program consists of a set of principles that allow you to grow your muscular mass safely and steady.

Here is the Hypertrophy Max Phase curriculum:

Phase 1 – MAX-TENSION:
Phase 2 – MAX-DENSITY: The Double Density Workout For Double The Gains
Phase 3 – MAX-LACTATE:

Phase 5: MAX-VOLUME:

Then we’re going to head into 6 months of prioritization training which is going to
really be hot!

Phase 7: MAX-DELTS
Phase 8: MAX-BACK
Phase 9: MAX-PECS
Phase 10: MAX-LEGS
Phase 11: MAX-ARMS
Phase 12: MAX-CORE

Hypertrophy Max can be used not only by advanced bodybuilders, but also by absolute beginners.


Subscribers who have used the program report unbelievable Hypertrophy Max results, including complete body transformations in as little as 16 weeks. Describing it as “top of the bill,” “unlike any other,” and with nearly everyone reporting, “it has completely changed my life,” Hypertrophy MAX yields results unlike any other program in a fraction of the time. Cutting through the hype and confusion surrounding fitness, building muscle and bodybuilding, Hypertrophy MAX provides concise information to transform, build and create the perfect body.

Additionally, starting July 8th, anyone interested in the program can sign up during pre-launch to receive a special e-book outlining the science and theory behind the wildly popular program through HypertrophyMAXInfo.com.


When you purchase Hypertrophy M.A.X via this link and pay in full, you will be entitled to a $100 cash back paid to your Paypal email specified. USA residents have a second option should they prefer. The second option is 5 bottles of 100% Ultra Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract sponsored by Eden’s Nature, worth $150.

After purchasing via this link send an email with your proof of purchase attached to support@hypertrophymaxinfo.com specifying your bonus of choice.

Please read Hypertrophy M.A.X Bonus Terms and Conditions


Hypertrophymaxinfo.com is also running a fun contest where one lucky contestant stands a chance to win a bottle of 100% Gold Standard Whey Protein by Optimum Nutrition. CLICK HERE for more information.

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About HypertrophyMAXInfo.com:

HypertrophyMAXInfo.com provides reviews, insider tips, and information on the successful fitness program Hypertrophy MAX created by Ben Pakulski and Vince DelMonte. Highlighting the program’s ins and outs, including its 12 phases, newsletters, DVDs and bonuses, the site provides information for those who are interested in signing up and changing their body forever. For more information, click here

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