Hypertrophy M.A.X. – the best body building program on the market?

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Hypertrophy Max is an absolute epic bodybuilding program and not surprising so with one of the leading body builders in the world as author. The author is none other than Ben Pakulski who came second in the Arnold Classic this year and is a serious contender for becoming the best body builder in the world in the next year or two.

Ben Pakulski is a prime example that his body building program works like a charm and is based on hardcore scientific evidence and years of scientific research. Ben Pakulski is often referred to as a walking body building encyclopedia and not surprisingly so. Ben has connections with the leading strength and conditioning coach, viewed by many as the best strength and conditioning coach in the world, Charles Poliquin.

Ben Pakulski follows the exact same principles as set out in his Hypertrophy Max program and therefore not surprising that this is the program that is on every body builders lips and I think safe to say the most sought after body building program in the body building industry.

If you are going to go that extra mile in becoming serious about body building, then why keep on wasting your time with body building programs put together by those that don’t have the results to show for it.  Many body building programs out there are simply not backed up by a lot of scientific research, if any at all. In the end that will cost you a lot of money in both effort and time with a very likely outcome of limited success.

Below you will find a free report written by Ben Pakulski himself, explaining the scientific research behind his Hypertrophy Max body building program. The value contained within is already worth several gold nuggets and is sure to be an eye opener.


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Ben created this fun Hypertrophy Max Quiz also where he tests your knowledge on body building through which you will discover some interesting body building myths. If you would like to test your knowledge and have some fun you can enter the quiz below.

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Besides all these crazy Hypertrophy Max stuff happening here you can also grab this free seminar from Ben Pakulski below where he talks about the 12 winning strategies for intentional muscle gains at a live seminar.


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