Hypertrophy Max Fast Action Bonus

Get your fast action bonus for obtaining Hypertrophy Max on Tuesday 26 June 2012. This bonus will only be available on Tuesday and then will sadly not be made available again.

What is the fast action bonus?

The fast action bonus is no other then Ben Pakulski’s latest 3-hour seminar that was given
to a “sold-out” crowd a few weeks ago in Toronto.

This three hour workshop on  muscular hypertrophy and  Fat loss is absolute muscle building gold!

Sign up on Tuesday for Hypertrophy Max and this gift is yours for Free ($150 value)

 P.S. Enrolment for Hypertrophy M.A.X. CLOSES on Friday
June 29th until October 2012 so do what you must to
get signed up this week !
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