Science And Secrets Of Twice A Day Training

Ben Pakulski and Vince Delmonte – the authors of Hypertrophy Max

Yet again Ben Pakulski and Vince Delmonte is sweetening the pot with a new bonus that was just revealed to the public a moment ago. This new fast action bonus when obtaining Hypertrophy Max before 29 June 2012 is called ‘Science andSecrets of Twice A Day Training’.

This bonus offer will blow your mind as this is the stuff that Ben Pakulski is putting into practice right now in preparation for Mr. Olympic 2012. The author of  ‘Science and Secrets Of  Twice A Day Training’ is non other than Charles Poliquin, the founder of the Poliquin institute. Never heard of Charles Poliquin? Well, he is one of the most successful if not the most successful strength training coach in the world and only works with top athletes and body builders on a day to day basis.

What is contained within ‘Science and Secrets of Twice A Day Training?’

Here’s what is included in this manual.

>> Five (5) unique A.M. workouts to potentiate i.e. “fire up” your nervous system

>> Customized Sequencing For Hypertrophy M.A.X. workouts. 

>> Gradual Build Up Schedule. How to Periodize the duration up weekly for 9 weeks.  

>> Secrets Behind Making Twice A Day Training Productive For You. Nutrition, supplements etc

The regular retail value is $97.00 but when you sign up for Hypertrophy M.A.X.
you’ll be offered a MEGA discount of almost 80% off.

The 5 EXCLUSIVE A.M. workouts are SPECIFICALLY designed to compliment the Hypertrophy M.A.X workouts – they are SYNCED for maximal size and strength. This is the stuff Ben Pakulski himself is using to gear up for the 2012 Mr. Olympia and we’ll tell you point blank it’s probably the GREATEST technique you’ve never tried and that NO ONE is talking about… until today.

How to obtain ‘Science and Secrets of Twice A Day Training’…..

Science and Secrets of Twice a Day Training will not be sold anywhere else. It can only be obtained when buying Hypertrophy Max . When you obtain Hypertrophy Max before Friday 29 June, you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to obtain Science and Secrets of  Twice A Day Training for a discount of 80%.

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You might never see this offer again. If this offer will be made again it won’t be made before October 2012 when Hypertrophy Max re-opens after closing on the 29th of June


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  1. Steve Anderson says:

    Wow, how awesome is this! Ben and Vince is indeed sweetening the pot. The price has just become much more reasonable, not that it was not reasonable before. Live Large TV’s Bonus download section makes this a real special deal. I was thinking to add Science and Secrets of Twice a Day Training to Hypertrophy Max, as this is a once off opportunity to something very valuable that will add to Hypertrophy Max and will help to activate the full potential of the Hypertrophy Max workout. Mmm a bit strapped for cash but I suppose I should rather view this as an investment.:)

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